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EZUP - Feather Blade Flag

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EZUP Professional Feather Blade Flags

Single Sided, Mirror Image Digital Imprint Graphics

E-Z UP® Professional Flags are designed to attract attention and activity to your booth, display or business. Lightweight and E-Z to set up, ProFlag™ Blades are a must-have component of your promotional effort.  Blade, Blade Sport (listed) and Slim Blades available.  Contact us for a custom quote please.

  • 4 Sizes Available -11’ (3.4 m) 13' (4.0m) 16’ (5.0 m) 21’ (6.4 m)
  • Composite Fiberglass Poles
  • 3 Different Styles Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Full Bleed Digital Printing – Single, Reversed Mirror Image or Double Sided with Opaque Barrier
  • Includes padded storage bag with external Identity Pocket